Don't know if I should be in this relationship?

Hi I'm newly married just got married Agu 29 2015 me and him have had lots of problems we are currently separate trying to fix things but I don't know of its the right thing to do I'm 24 I have twin girls from a past relationships that lasted 5 years he was married before and has a child with his ex he is obsessed with the gym video games and stuff like that there's nothing wrong with it but he goes to the gym everyday for 3+ hours then he comes home and goes to work that is one of are main issues to him his fitness is first then are marriage and I want to have one more kid I really want a baby boy but he doesn't he said I could chose if I want to be with him or have another child I don't know if I'm making a right chose of getting back with him he's going to be 30?


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  • he'a kinda manipulating and threating you with leaving IF you want a child... he doesn't seem like he cares about the marriage like you do... his gym shouldn't be on the first place but the kids and you !
    Have a serious talk with him if that's possible... did he made clear to you that he didn't want kids from the beginning?


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