Why did ex unblock and re-add me on Facebook?

I'm not one to look too in depth into these things or over analyse this stuff, but I'm still really struggling with the breakup. I've been on holiday for the past 4 weeks and sometimes it's been really hard just being with my parents overseas and no friends to talk to in person other than over the phone.

The first time that he unblocked me and readded me I couldn't accept because it was too hard emotionally so I just ignored it. So he then blocked me because I didn't accept. Now he's unblocked me about 4 days ago and readded me yesterday.

About 3 weeks ago he sent me a text saying he misses me and wants to come home and make it work. I also couldn't reply to that because I am still heartbroken about me fighting for us and him giving up and just hanging out with a new girl. About a week after I didn't reply he got into a relationship with this new girl. About a week after that, I hear that he was discharged from the army because he got into a fight.

I guess I would just appreciate any advice. My friends have been so helpful but I just don't like to bombard them constantly with this stuff and bore them.

I am appreciative and thankful in advance for any insight. xx


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  • he wants you back or he left his underwear at your place...

    • You're reply made me giggle, thanks! x

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