Why are people so harsh and judgmental here?

Someone is having a hard time with something and y'all are quick to point the finger. I don't get it. I feel like if someone comes for advice and they're in a rough place, why put them down any further than they already are? Yes I know a lot of it is us whiny girls crying over an ex but we don't come here to be judge. We come here to vent and release hoping that we aren't "crazy" (which I have read some pretty crazy stalking stories and in that case I'm sorry but you are crazy) some people are trying to get help and trying to figure out what to do next. Not everyone reacts the same way in situations.

But it why you gotta be so ruuuuuuuude 🎤
  • Cause you're just an asshole or a bitch
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  • Trying to be honest but comes off the wrong way
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  • I'm not mean
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  • I need a drink
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I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes if you couldn't guess by my choices in the poll. Some people don't have anyone to turn to. Like if I read something on here and see someone's having a really hard time with whatever it is, I'll be more than nice but in an honest way.

Ps- I'm a very sarcastic bitch. Just my personality 🙃


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because we're not people's therapists. They come here asking for our opinions, and our help, and sometimes the best kind of help is the one that slaps you in the face, drops you on the ground, and makes you stand up brand new.

    Some people have different methods of dealing with stuff. I personally like to be rough on myself when I screw up, cause sugarcoating things isn't gonna help me, it's just gonna lie to me. So I use the same methods with everyone on here.
    I don't know who's the person behind the screen, I don't know how they'll react, so I stick to what I do with myself, if it works with them, perfect, if not, then sorry I couldn't help.

    I've been told by some people here that I'm rude (usually they tend to be the most sensitive ones), and I may agree that I can appear rude, but many times, when the other person is really seeking help and not an ego boost, I'm not rude, I'm harsh, but not rude.

    Some people here come just for an ego boost, they want us to tell them they did nothing wrong and that their partner was the problem, but no, I'm not gonna be the one telling them they're a saint, I'm gonna be the one telling them to stop being a bitch and to open their eyes.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It is the Behind Mean Scene here, dear, Behind the Computer Curtain that Many People Feel... It is Not a Big deal.
    However, I have a Good Reputation to Try and Keep up, so My own Analogy is to Stay Diplomatic, and just Continue to Help those in Need Indeed.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 9

  • You're being whiny. Knock it off.
    Seriously, people need to own their shit. And mostly they are looking for someone or something else to blame. Women are pro's at this - it's NEVER their fault for anything that happens to them. If you make bad choices bad shit will happen.
    Then they want to come here and whine and fuss about it. How bout asking what they can do to fix it or what they could have done differently to prevent it.
    What do they say, hindsight is 20-20?

    • Woah calm down. If you read through some of my comments... And no I'm not being whiny but thanks darling

  • Voted E

    Toughen up. You somehow can't confide/vent to family or friends, people close to you that know you better and will say things in a way better for you to handle. Instead you come here this site or the internet in general and pour out your heart and souls but are surprised that not all the response are roses and rainbows. LOL.

    Wait a minute I just re-read that. Voted A I'm just and asshole.

  • I need a drink too.
    If anyone comes to this or any other blog that is free, you are going to get a lot of people that are just assholes, jerks, rude, etc. So you have to weed through the crap before you find the real worthwhile opinions that will make sense and help you out. And sadly, you will have to toughen up a bit, cause life is hard at times.

    • I need like a case of wine. I'm just honestly curious to see how people react and what they have to say.

    • Funny, I will drink it with you.
      But that is what you get in a free blog. Look at Craigslist, people are ruthless there. Like here, if I find someone who needs some real help, I give it to them. It's what I like to do.

    • I know whatcha mean. Craigslist is a dark zone. lol went on there once (for furniture) , never again. NEVER. AGAIN. Hahaha

  • when people ask questions, they are asking to be judged.\

    when you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day while if you teach them how to fish, they eat for life. so its better to give true advice with the right philosophy than to send souless comfort which is what people who dont care do.

    to me, a lot of questions do disturb me here but i just take it as poor parenting as were products of our environment.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I'm not gonna point out anything invade the person reads this, finds me, and kills me in my sleep but there are a lot of crazy things people have posted. I read it and I'm just like what in theeee hell did I just allow myself to sit through.

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    • i m also guilty as charged lol but we all eventually find out santa is not real!

    • I have one that totally tops that. It's kinda sad actually now that I think of it. When I was about 8 or 9 my neighbor told me I was adopted. So my scrawny little self ran as fast as I could home in complete tears. Turns out I was adopted by my moms husband at the time. I thought my mom wasn't my real mom hahahaha

  • im honest brutally honest if someone is dumb enough to ask a question that has even the slightest chance of their feelings being hurt they should they deserve it

  • You want our opinions, or you want to be told what you want to hear?

  • I usually try to be nice but I give my honest opinion so I guess that can offend some people

  • I just call a spade a spade. Oh damn, now I sound racist!

  • And some people are very obsessed here... how are ya gonna deal wid those kind of people?


What Girls Said 5

  • just as you vent, people who respond to you also vent.

    • Tis a good point. Some of the stuff I read on here I want to scrape my eyes out with a fork. Some of its interesting and some of it is just being nosy.

  • Because people have a strange way to relate to the internet, as if it really were a virtual world. Only it isn't. But it's tempting to pretend you;re protected by this invincible shield and can act in any way you please. Unfortunately, most people are not empaths.

  • Why you coming up in here with this! Imma point a finger right now have the right to say... That I'm just joking!!! I had too much sugar this morning so gotta mess with someone :) annnnnyway well I believe that people tell us that feeling down and those emotional wrecks are not good feelings and people really don't like to deal with those emotions so they cover it up or just say get over it, and move on. But hey they are feelings and sometimes people feel them it's apart of life.

    I agree that sometimes you do need a slap in the face and you may learn next time from it but sometimes someone just needs comfort and compassion. Is that to much to ask?

    And yes I plead guilty to being crazy...

    Have a spiffy day folks 😁

  • it's because people do not like pain honesty

  • I actually think people are too nice here.

    • I've read through some stuff like people picking apart some young teenage girl and I was like god damn she's only like 13 or 14

    • Im sure there are some mean people here (welcome to the world!). But I think overall people are too nice.

    • Oh don't get me wrong. I've talked to quite a few nice people here. I figured I'd stir up a little bit and try to lighten everyone's mood. I have a sarcastic bitchy personality but in a contradicting way in actually a pretty nice person. I have compassion for people who are truly down and out.

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