Is it bad/weird that the guy who tried to kill me still calls?

I had an abusive ex boyfriend who I had an unnoficial relationship with for almost seven years. Throughout those years, he became addicted to hard drugs (I still don't know which ones), became a severe alcoholic, and tried to kill me twice. Seems like it was almost an obsession for him, to see how far he could go without actually killing me but the second time was definitely intentional because of what he did and how he planned it.

Anyways, i've blocked him on my phone (we broke up two years ago) but he always finds ways to text/call me and I won't know its him until he drops a hint or something to let me know. Every time at the beginning I always feel like I should go back and see him (guilt), but I never do because I always remind myself of what he did and how I no longer feel any love for him. Since we broke up, we've had phone conversations but I've yet to see him face to face and I really don't want to. We never talk about what he did to me, just about the past and how our lives have gone now. He'll say he misses me and I won't respond and he'll ask if I even care at which point I usually terminate the conversation.

I'm just wondering if any ladies who may have been in this situation before (abusive ex boyfriends) who got out still find that their abuser still contacts them and tries to guilt them into coming back. This has lessened over the years and these days I rarely ever hear from him, and I'm hoping that eventually he'll give up since I've told him I don't want to be with him anymore.

But is it odd that he still contacts me? He knows I have no feelings for him. He could die tomorrow and I wouldn't even care. But at the same time I still feel almost guilty?

**I have no desire for a restraining order against him. I feel like that would just infuriate him even more, especially since I've moved and he now has no clue where to find me.**


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  • What is strange is that you stuck around to let him try to kill you a second time. Also weird is you talking to him when he calls. And how he is finding your number is weird, possibly you giving him hints.

    He is stalking you and you are not stopping it. Your reasoning about the restraining order has some merit, but getting one and enforcing it would make more sense and get him away from you.


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  • dude that's stalking ! you should not even text or talk with him over phone !
    He's not going to be suddenly a nice guy... he's still posessive and aggressive.. you can tell this by him callung you that's creepy.


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  • What's strange is you not getting a restraining order. Your excuse is lame. He is finding you. This is called stalking and is a crime


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  • OP You are an adult woman. Do you REALLY have to ask this question?


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