Do you think a broken heart is the reason?

k my ex started earlier than I and had a first love already and many boyfriends I guess. While be on the other hand she was my first love something was very special about her it's the reason why I chose her to open up too and let her into my heart ❤. Anyway long story short I was always too good for her which is what she told me. She broke up with me like four times why because I had to get my girl back twice really the other two times were really petty. But yeah my mother had died just a couple years ago and then she breaks up with me that pain is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and maybe will always be.

I cried at night and all day almost everyday for a while til the pain went away. Not to mention I was getting drunk every other night. Anyway man other than me being totally out of shape right now I feel as though the pain my first love caused traumatized me to the point in scared to love another woman I'm so serious. It's not even loving another, it's what if she leaves me like she did.


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  • You definitely are suffering from a broken heart and I'm sorry for it. It's not a good feeling and I can 100% relate and empathize with you. Things also never worked out with my first love but I can assure you that there's a perfectly valid reason why you are going through all this... and that is to help get you to the right person for you. I get that if feels like she was the right one for you but I can promise you that she's not. The right girl is out there and you have to go through this separation now in order to someday be happy with someone way better for you. I never believed this but now that I'm in a relationship with a great guy who is 10 thousand times better for me than my first love I can finally see why it happened. I cried for many days over a guy who was never even my mr right no matter how right it felt back then.


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  • You can't avoid living your life because of what ifs. You actually hurt your chances in a new relationship when you reserve yourself for fear of being hurt again. You only get 1 life and 1 heart. You can stay afraid or you can open up. And the thing, there are so many women out there who could make you unbelievably happy, as you could make them. You'll never know if you don't try.

    • I'm building relationships I date and get to know girls but on a minor scale. Now when it's time to be official this is where I get kinda shook

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  • No two women are the same, @vishna this guy needs your wisdom.
    The truth of the matter is that the first true love always hurts. She comes off as immature and the further you get in life the more mature people you will be around. That includes women and men. I can't guarantee this will not happen again however the secret to getting over this issue is:
    1. not putting her on a pedestal
    2. not focusing your life around this one relationship
    3. time
    4. literally getting back out there and enjoying yourself, be it with friends or not
    Feel free to message me if you need help, most all guys have been there some worse than others.

    • Nope didn't put her on a pedestal & we didn't grow apart we are the same but more mature now. I've seen other girls and dated but I never wanted to get into a relationship with any girl I get hesitant now.

    • @vishna well fuck it, nvmd.
      Yeah sometimes you have to just take the leap and go for it. And so what if it doesn't work out, you will be right back where you started now.

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