Is it wrong to breakup with a partner who is suicidal?

My partner went through depression and was suicidal for close to a year of our relationship. Only in recent months has he been doing better so the topic still comes up a lot. I tried explaining to him the impact that it had on our relationship and me.

I understand that he was the one being affected the most but being in a relationship with him while he went through this difficult time was hard for me too. It was emotionally draining, mentally overwhelming, and physically stressful as well. I was sad, upset, angry, confused. I cried, lost sleep, and often lost my appetite and later on lost weight too.

Our relationship obviously wasn't the same either. He wasn't up to participating in any activities or even going out really. Our sex life declined too since he either wasn't in the mood or would lose interest or the ability to perform half way through the act. He wasn't as affectionate or responsive to my affection either.

I told him I probably could not handle going through all of that again if it were to happen again and that I would more than likely end the relationship but would continue a friendship. Is that wrong of me?

He says if that's the case he wouldn't even want my friendship and that isn't loyal of me to leave in his time of need but I stand by my statement. Wrong or not?
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  • It's not wrong at all. If you're in a relationship that is damaging to your health, you have every right to get out. He's been here before. He knows he needs help. He needs to be the one to get it.

  • Well if you care about him a lot you should stay. But if it is that emotionally draining, you shouldn't have to do that to yourself. Try to help him though at least. If you leave that will upset him but he already knows now.


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