How to know if they consider you a friend or someone special?

Despite the fact I'm from the middle east, I'm more into western males so I'd prefer dealing with a westerner rather than a guy from my country or from the middle east in general for many many reasons one of them is the fact the emotional and sexual deprivation majority of them have. I just can't feel safe dealing with them even if it's a normal situation.

Something I really get confused about is the difference between the way a western guy treats a female friend and the way he treats a girl he feels something special about putting in consideration that there is no physical interactions at all in both cases because this is not accepted in our culture.

Like, when someone is giving you gifts from time to time, caring about your life and news and treating you in a very nice way but still you are not that special to him, how do they treat their special ones then in that culture?!

I really can never tell till now although I've traveled to European countries before and I've been dealing with many guys from western cultures.

So I want you to give me some hints in order not to get myself in trouble and to be able to determine in the future that this man really cares or not!
How to know if they consider you a friend or someone special?
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