How to get over an ex who isn't worth it and has changed for the worst?

So I distrusted him, i guess it was a gut instinct because after he started hanging out with girl and her friends (girls who are easy and cheat on their bfs). And i suspected something with one girl. Now he goes out with them and takes them out, spends money when he would complain with me. I didn't have sex with him. But ever since i posted pic in bikini texted me 3 months after wishing happy valentines and then got bothered because i posted bikini pics (telling my mutual friend if i was suffering low self esteem). How to keep in mind and stop thinking about him because he doesn't deserve it


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  • Sometimes people don't change... their "mask", falls off or it's because you didn't really know who they really were. Just keep being thankful you aren't still with a guy you almost settled for. He'd bring you nothing but pain and heartache.

    • You are right! His mask fell off. Yes i have my guy instinct and life to thank for doing that. He has caused enough pain and heartache already

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  • Literally just tell yourself he ain't worth it, and hang out with your friends as much as possible! And know that he's just a fuckboi 😂 He ain't worth nobody's time!

    • True. I will remind myself that

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    • It definitely gets easier as you go on with your life. Luckily for you, he doesn't have your virginity! That would have made it more difficult. Trust me on that 😂 But honestly, it's not gonna happen overnight. But one day, you'll wake up next to the love of your life, and you'll know everything will be okay!

    • I know hopefully it does get better because it sucks when in a way he is still part of mynlifd. My best friend goes to school with him and site with guy group. And he still follows me on insta which I dont. But i do hope everything is okay

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