What does I was just thinking about you mean?

My ex of many years left me no need to go into details but she left and last time I heard she was to be married. I couldn't bear it so I cut contact except birthdays since she calls me then too. I leave her be so she can be happy recently she's been on my mind. i want her but I don't it's crazy that she text me today to check on me saying she just thought of me because In my heart I knew she maybe was but I don't want to believe so much in spirituality or whatever but I was so happy on the inside. But I just want some girls/women to let me know what you think... Also during our texts my phone service was bad so I couldn't reply and she sent me a text saying do you not want to talk to me with a sad face 😩


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  • It means exactly that. She's thinking about you. Does she love you still? I'd say so. But then, what's with her getting married?

    • I know thinking about me means exactly that lol I meant other than that. You think she loves me still? And I don't know I heard and saw she had a fiance so I left her alone to be in love but she texts me once in a blue moon and then id text her back till I just told myself to really leave her alone.

    • Yeah, that's a little messed up, I think. Who would want to risk losing an engagement? I don't know. But I think you should ask her what the deal is. It will kill two birds with one stone; she'll realize that she must make a choice, and that will let you know where you stand with her.
      Good luck!

    • I haven't asked her recently but I've asked before she said she lloves me but not how I want her too. She believes in being friends just friends but her words don't match her actions or body language so I don't wanna even ask her and be lied to.

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