So now what do I do?

So my ex and I gave been apart for 8 months now. I've tried No Contact about three times. They get his interest, but I broke the contact, so it wasn't as effective. So, I tried No Contact again, starting January 22. He messages me in every way he possibly can. On the 20th day of no contact, he calls me. I didn't expect his call at all, and like an idiot, I answered. I remained nice, but I told him that I had to go. I haven't talked to him ever since. And since then, he has been messaging me, trying to contact me almost every other day. So, do I start talking to him? Or should I wait more?
I regret posting this question. It's clear to me now. Thanks for replying.


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  • Waiting is necessary only to clear people minds, just to do no contact and think you will get with your boyfriend again is bullshit

    • Very true. I mean, I know that it's bullshit. But I just don't want to keep messing up.

    • You have a fear inside yourself, that is stopping you to do the things you want.
      It's like chain between you and him, and you're afraid if you contact him that you're able to broke the chain, but actually it can make the chain more secure.
      If you love him, want something I'd say go ahead and tell him, not only phone, facebook and things like that.

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  • Dear God! Are you stupid? All this game playing no contact bullshit is what? The signs of a loving healthy relationship? Yeah right this will lead to the altar.


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