Does he still love/care for me or not?

My ex broke up with me close to two years ago but here and there tries to get contact with me. About a year ago two days after our breakup he posted how happy he is in life, while I was so devasted I was barley eating for days, but after awhile I started to heal from the heartbreak. He told me he was sorry and it was his way of coping with the end of our relationship, but by the way he treated our "friendship" outside the relationship I don't believe it anymore. We tried to stay friends, but afterwards he kept lying to me, hiding things from me, treating me disrespectfully, gave me the same generic responses on how he cares about our friendship, but does not show it. As well he tried hiding he had a new girlfriend until we had a argument and he used his rude behavior as a validation for the new things he does in life. I've tried talking to him how stuff he's done hurt my feelings, and again, the same generic responses. "I care", "I'm sorry you feel that way", "I understand". When we were together he said how sex was a precious thing to him and he prefered to save it for marriage, which was totally fine. But when we broke up months later, he waved condoms in my face. Which I highly doubt he owns them for no reason. I bursted into tears that same day. I ended our so called "friendship" but sometimes he sends me a message on how am I doing, we haven't really had a real conversation for about 10mths now. I got tired of seeing him appear anywhere on facebook or any social networking sites, so I decided to just block him everywhere. We didn't have each other added anyway or even talk at all anymore, so I didn't think it would matter. I blocked him everywhere, but two days later to my surprise, he made a new account just to send me a message on facebook asking me how I was doing. Two days back when I was blocking him he shared a status saying how he misses someone and it's killing him, but a post after that he's asking for ideas to get a gift for his special someone.
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He broke with me two years ago, not a year ago. Sorry type mistake, not sure how to edit my post.


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  • Don't fuck your life due to him anymore and if he tries to give you gift give him special treatment like my friend is like him and he tried to hook up with her (G. F). She told cops She was in danger by rapist and trust me that was very special treatment he got we spent 8 hours trying to convince cops. She is lying but it worked.


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