Why did he bring up his ex was he trying to make jealous?

Recently broke up with my boyfriend as he was secretly online dating and lying constantly. A day after our breakup he put his pictures back up on his online dating profile and added over 100 girls on his Facebook.
For someone who claimed to have strong feelings for me and want a future with me I felt like it was all a lie considering he could get over me so quickly, he even admitted it was his fault that I broke up with him so if he really cared he would of tried to win me back. Anyway for some stupid reason I met up with him last week as I needed closure and he said that he still has feelings for me and wanted to get back together.. When I questioned why he had been talking to other girls instead of trying to win me back he kept saying that he's been depressed (so depressed he's been talking to other girls! Yh right) we ended up drinking and he started talking about his ex girlfriend someone he dated when he was 16 (he's 25 now) and said he's "always" had a crush on her, but he played her and knows they could never be together now, yet said they had been liking each other's pics on Fb.. I asked if she wanted to be with him would he get with her and he said she wouldn't want him.. But never answered my question. I tried not to react because I've noticed that always brings up other girls or says girls like him notice him etc and I feel he does it to get a reaction from me, so I acted as if I wasn't bothered.. He then told me that he's been feeling suicidal and depressed but I feel that was to make me feel sorry for him. Later that day he called me saying he had bought me a present. He text me the next day but after thinking about everything he told me I'm totally put off and don't get why he would pursue other women and tell me about it if his feelings towards me were real. It's hard because it feels like we have a great connection but I've ignored him for almost a week now and he hasn't tried to ask why I'm ignoring him.
Is it rude that I've ignored him should I explain the reason why or just move on?


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  • He's clearly not over his ex.

    My ex used to often talk about her ex; I ignored it until I got tired of it and told her to stop - that worked for a few weeks at a time until she started it again. After I had broken up with her I read an article about why people mention their ex's in a new relationship, and according to that article it was because they are trying to convey that they are over their ex (!)

    Which I completely and utterly disagree with

    • I thought that too, it's strange though because he hasn't been with her since he was 16 he's now 25.. He's never brought her up before but many times throughout our relationship brings it to my attention if another girl is staring at him or if girls give him attention

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