Has anyone ever told you "let's not speak anymore" and still reached out to you later?

I'm in NC with my ex who said this. Part of me hopes I'll never hear from him again because I think it's the only way I can move on. It's for the best because I know he'll never give me the relationship I want. I also hate being on bad terms and hope we can at least be friendly some day. We're in the same social circles. Things added badly and he said, "I don't think we should speak anymore" and "I don't have very much to say to you."

Just wondering if they ever reached out to you after saying this.


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  • I haven't been contacted with an ex since my attorney sent letter (s) to her requesting her to stop and her attorney replying it was removed. :/ That was about June or July last year, yet we broke up in April. Getting close to a year of no contact.


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