Has this happened to you?

Has an ex ever broke up with you and unfriended you.. Than blocks you from any communication
and they contact you over a year later?
this question is really for the ladies, but if you men are reading,,, why do some guys do that? How can you plan a future with a girl and be her Prince Charming to being her enemy the next day?


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  • If I were you I'd also cut him off entirely and leaving absolutely no possibility for him to ever contact me in return, the feeling would be mutual, as he did not give a fuck about me, therefore I stop giving a fuck about him too and it would be on him, if he realized it was a big mistake that he had made, well no point in trying correct his mistake anymore since we'd be done and have long gone our separate ways and never bother to look back again.

    I'd be taking measures such as changing and getting completely new phone numbers, close various social media accounts and make new ones instead if necessary or have them completely blocked, if necessary change address or otherwise never give tham a real address in the first place, maybe just a P. O. Box number.


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  • I'm kind of upset no one commented on this because I really wanted to know the answer


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  • Sounds like immaturity and not being able to stick by decisions. It might be his way of coping by cutting all forms of contact because it might be hard to try and move on if he is reminded of you but now he wants you back for whatever reason and wasn't able to move on.

  • A couple of weeks of not communicating maybe but I've never blocked anyone from my life


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  • No not yet


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