Is what im feeling normal post-breakup?

I feel angry, sick to my stomach and feel used by my ex boyfriend who just dumped me. What led to the breakup: he found out my dad didn't like him as my dad believed he was playing me. I didn't listen to dad cos my boyfriend at the time said my dad was wrong and told me that his grandfather went against fam to marry his grandmum. He wanted me to fight for him. So i did by going back and talking to dad-there was a lot of arguing. In the end Dad said he wanted me to be happy but did warn me because he's a guy and can see through him. I happily told my boyfriend that dad wanted me to be happy. THEN my boyfriend turns around and says nah sorry I've lost interest now. Im like wtf? I went through all of that for nothing! I felt my energy couldve been used on something else! Anyway, dad was right. Turns out he saw another girl at the same time but even after dumping me he still sends me texts!!! The saying "you can't have ur cake and eat it too" stuck in my mind for not talking to him. I chose NC but seriously, do i have a right to be angry and pissed off at my ex? He tells me im acting nonsense but i feel so hurt and angry and im wondering is this normal what im feeling?


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  • its normal what you are going threw. just go NC and move on. he is not worth your anger you have for him, as long as you stay up set and dont move on he wins in controlling you. your better than that

    • Thank you so much. I admit it is very hard for me... it's only been a couple of days since the break up. Thank you for your kind words. I hope when I look back I realise I was better off, at the moment the pain is still raw...

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  • There's nothing like what's 'normal' for how each person should feel post-breakup. Everyone deals with it in their own way.

    I felt devastated but also relieved, in a sense, after my ex cheated on me. Like a weight was l lifted off my shoulders not having to worry about that bad gut-feeling I'd had for a while while still with him. Your feeling angry/pissed is perfectly legitimate too.

    You'll notice that how you feel towards him/how it ended will shift over time. First anger, then sadness. Followed by acceptance, possibly relief similar to how I dealt with it.

    • Thank you so much! Yea... I also feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders too, esp when I don't have to worry about that bad gut feeling you whilst I was with him. Thank you for the advice!! I'm glad we both had lucky escapes :)

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