He lets his sister speak down to me. Is this enough to leave?

My husband is generally a great husband. He's loving, loyal, all that.
But on three separate occasions now, he has allowed his sister to speak to me like a piece of garbage. Yesterday, she crossed the line. We had a minor argument, and she got so nasty. She told me she could move my husband away from me whenever she wanted, to get out and pack my bags, she rolled her eyes, scoffed at me, she used so much sarcasm and the condescending tone in her voice made me sick.
Each time, my husband has been standing there next to her not saying a word. He seems to love his sister so much, he'd let her speak to his wife in such a way. I was disgusted because he didn't defend me once.
I ended up leaving and going back to my mothers saying I want a divorce. My husband has been calling non stop and saying he'll do anything for me to come back, but even when I tell him how I feel about his sister he makes excuses for her and doesn't acknowledge it at all.
Mi don't want to spend my life with someone who would put their sister before their wife like that.
Do you agree? Am I the one who is being unreasonable or am I in my right?


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What Guys Said 1

  • you made the right call. you tried to work things out, and you got stone-walled.

    • Yes, I treied to work it out but he just thinks the sun shines out of her ass

What Girls Said 1

  • Have you explored couples counseling?


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