How to stop being depressed, since breakup?

After 4 years long relationship, my girlfriend break up with me, since 2 months ago..
I already tried to contact her to talk, even type a long message which I was planning for about a week, and still had no response... I love her extremely and I was planning suicide or something just because I can't forgot about her.

Last week I went to her job and wanted to talk to her, she started running out from me, and finally
stopped running saying me things like : Why are you here? didn't you understand my decision?
I forgot about our love, and I was not missing you... How did you find me and things like that..

At some point she started to speak normal to me, asking to help her buying a new battery for her iPhone, I said I will help and contact her, so I contacted her and again I didn't receive a response...

After 3 days she said I'haven't seen the message that's why I didn't type to you apologize me, I said okay.

Couple days later I typed to her : Hi and now no answer anymore...

also one friend told me that she deleted the love letter, and all the messages from me in fb...

What should I do now? I was thinking abоut to go again to her workplace or send her another message... I don't want to loose her


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  • You have to learn to accept what she has decided. Do not contact her, this is probably the hardest part after a break up, but it is the most important. If you love her you will respect her decisions. Do not go to her work or send any more messages, this will only drive her further away. You have to start surrounding yourself with friends or family who will take your mind of the situation. Try to distract your mind. But you will have to be patient. Some days are going to seem like you have everything under control and then there will be days that you feel like you are back at square one. But just remember the day will come where you won't feel the pain anymore, and that will be the best day of your life. Just be patient and keep busy.

    • is there any way to back her? also I'm her first private partner, and last year we had unplanned pregnancy, she was extremely mad at me, and said that she is not going to ruin her life, wanting an abortion.

      Finally we ended with abortion in clinique, where she told me that she was pregnant with twins and had abortion...
      When breaking up with me she said : I'm feeling bad for whole year, you just didn't saw that..

    • It sounds like both of you had a tough year and honestly it would do you good to keep away from each other. You both need to clear your head. I don't think there is anything you can do to better the situation it sounds like her mind is made up.

  • It's the hard truth but you got to leave her.
    Honestly I know how you feel I felt that way for someone for 8 years it took me. Forever to accept he didn't want me. At one point I almost commited suicide but didn't because there is always someone better.

    Surround yourself with friends and family
    It will pass sooner or later.

    • It took you 8 years to get over them? You sound like me. It takes me at least a year to bounce back. I'm currently going through it now and it's been only 4 months. I've been in the depression/denial stage for the longest time.

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    • Yeah I feel ya. We were together for two years. Extremely serious and very instense. Had a right and we talked about marriage non stop.
      Then it just randomly end. And at the end of the December he texted me saying he was shopping for his family and he went back to our memories together and back to when we were together. Told me he missed me and always would. I was still hurt and angry for how he screwed me over. Less than a month later he was in a new relationship. I'm leaving him alone because I don't want to be that girl. I want him happy even if it's not with me (even though deep down I wish it was me). It's been extremely hard. We haven't talked since that day.

      I know he's going to be the one that takes years to get over. I'm just waiting for that day.

    • @Lkrueger I had very simillar situation, we were together for 4 years, serious and also commited marriage with her, we was going on vacations, walkings all other things, and on the end of December, she typed to me in facebook : you loose only? and I said what?
      she said I want to find happiness, to have nice and fit body, should you stop me doing this? : I said no I wouldn't. She just said then, I stopped loving you with the time...
      Than she started putting a lots of makeup and going to night clubs & disco every week with her girlfriends, I'm missing and loving her as hell but she doesn't care about it...
      Sometimes I think I want to fight for her, or I should left her to be happy completely...
      I'd say is really hard and painful, and I'm waiting for a day where I will overcome the whole pain from the relationship and forgot her...

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  • DarkManX, this is sounds like something similar to myself, just last year. For many reasons, you want to get back together and respectfully she doesn't want it currently. There isn't anyway I can tell you how to feel, may I suggest something from man to man, as someone who has lived past this same type of heartache and mental stress.

    I suggest and agree with WpCurious, please don't go to her work, it could cause more harm than anything. Details of harm don't matter as long as you keep the space between you two.

    Something to do instead? You might be having a hard time getting out of the house or bed, maybe just the sofa and thinking about her all the time... Yes? I suggest, take a brand new note book, if you can't afford one, try going to good will for one. :) Take the notebook and if it's nice outside and there's a lake or pond you can go to, sit in the sun if its shinning out! If its chilly out, maybe starbucks, it's more for people watching and getting back into the public scene.

    On the hardest note of things, don't take your cell phone or electronic's if you can. Meaning disconnect from social media and texts.. It feels great! There's a story, I can share about this.

    What do you write in the note book? Write those feelings you have for the ex, the girl on your mind. Maybe rewrite the love letter.. Get your feelings out. Don't hold them back, nothing better than venting about them. And if you want, I'll read the letter? If its not something you want to keep private. I still have mine from the ex that did this to me.

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