What can an ex boyfriend do to win her back?

I'm feeling down. I have no ideas. I have lost hope.


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  • i agree about the more info, but I'd say first you tell her you want to be frends. then you hang out with her, but don't crowed her space.

    then I'd say send her cute chain msgs. like tellin her how much she's a good friend and other things lik the sort. then I'd say text her randomly and ask her how her day was or waht have she been doing. but don't hold a conversation up to 12 or 1 she start thinking your up to someting. be a gentelman

    then I'd say take her and somefriends to a movie or hang out somewhere cool(once every other weekend), and pay as much attention to her as much as possible then when she go home ask her how her day was hold this conversation up to 2hours and no more, unless she aks.

    don't always anwser her texts right away, make it seem like your busy at some points.have her waitting for an answer.

    keep doing this until she ask you how you become different, you'll have her back in no time if she like it.


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  • its a cliche but I believe that as long as you live there's always hope =). I would love to help but it would be nice if you can give us more info


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