Back acne-help me?

This is gross I guess but I'll ask anyway.

I used to have smooth and clear skin until about a year ago and now I have back acne. it's not severe or anything like that, but I hate it, it's embarrassing, I don't feel comfortable wearing dresses or tank tops and summer is coming again and this is getting ridiculous

i have a more or less clear face, and I don't know what caused the back

i've looked stuff up online but I haven't found anything particular

i did start using a body wash which is apparently for back acne prone skin and I've been using it for at least 6-7 months or more, but I gotta say, I don't see any improvement

i want my skin to be normal again!

if you've had something like this and used something that worked, can you please share? are there certain foods I should eat or not, types of body wash to use, etc etc etc

I'm in between family doctors, or I would ask to be referred to a dermatologist. but even for those, I heard you need something more urgent to get an appointment, so when I sign up with a new family doctor, I'm going to ask for a referral to get a mole or something checked out. either way, that won't be happening for at least another 2-3months.

any advice?


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  • lay in the sun...and the acne should dry up

    • Really?

      what about tanning booths? I've started doing that recently.

    • No don't go tanning...the light is much more concentrated in tanning booths. I'd say make sure to get a back sponge to clean your back when you take a shower. Also....stay away from chocolate, soda or anything really it will come out through your pores of your skin. I'd say go to the beach and put SPF 30 or high on yourself...including your back. Sunlight=Vitamin D

    • I donno about the greasy foods myth but I don't really drink carbonated drinks or eat a lot of greasy food. maybe lots of chocolate though..

      i was going to say tanning booths are UV light which is what triggers vitD production, but then I looked it up and apparently it's a different type of UV light.

      i'd still have to wait for summer. we don't really have beaches around here

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  • Once you get into your 20's, your hormones start changing. Someone who has had relatively clear skin her entire life may start to experience an increase in acne. If you're not opposed to it, getting on a birth control pill will help to regulate your hormones and will therefore lessen your acne. For back and chest acne, you need to make sure that you are exfoliating that skin regularly. Pores in these areas can get clogged by sebum a lot more frequently because our clothes are not always permeable. If you begin wearing something breathable like 100% cotton, you will also see a decrease in your acne. Tanning beds can help with acne, but it is discouraged because of the thick lotions and the other health problems that could potentially arise. Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit body wash is very inexpensive and has salicylic acid beads in it that will exfoliate and treat acne. Remember not to pick at your skin and to be patient. Good luck! :)

    • Thanks!

    • I am currently using Neutrogena's Body Clear, some orangy brown looking stuff, which has salicylic acid but I'd say it has had no effect. Next time I will look for the Pink Grapefruit and maybe also browse the other things in that section.

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