Should I worry?

I dating this guy for 5 years and still having have sex with him. We are friends. But he keeps calling me asking where I'm at all the time and what I'm doing? When I'm it his house and we have sex.. and I'm getting dress. His in the bathroom and I guess I took to long to get dress.. He ask me again what I was doing. I told him I was getting dress.. I go to school to and he will call me up before I go to school and ask what I'm doing and he knows I have school.. Sometimes I have to call before I can go over to his house.. This has Been going on for a week now. So is this a control thing, stalking or he bring someone else to his house and don't want to get catch? I'm not sure what's going on here..


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  • if i were you i would start digging deeper into it. there are a fue thing i see that bother me the first is who controlling he is acting and the second is him wanting to know were you are every minute and then to call before you come over. feel he is hiding something and i would suggest you find out what it is.

    • Well I had a feeling he was hiding something. But I already called him out on it. So I just told him to just leave me alone and move on with his life...

  • so you're not in relationship but you are having sex with him? wtf

    • It's a long story.. but I'm starting to see I was only a booty call..

    • you can tell me more if you want :), you might feel better

    • I don't know.. But all that..

What Girls Said 1

  • Its a control thing. Make sure he knows your not together...

    • Well he got catch on a dating site a long time ago. But he said he took it down.. He keeps telling we will get back together.. etc.. I pretty much left him alone..

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