Guys if you had feelings for her and she ignored you would you want to know why?

Long story short, met a guy online relationship moved really fast, we instantly clicked ( or so I thought) he said he hasn't felt a connection like this for years, asked me to be his girlfriend and wanted to live together. Fast forward 3 months he grew distant lied a lot and I found he was still going online dating (he denied this of course) I broke up with him as he was making a habit of ignoring my instant messages. When I confronted him about it he claimed he's stressed and busy.. I couldn't trust him because I knew he was lying about the online dating and decided to end it. Afew days later I missed him badly and asked to meet up with him (stupid I know) he said he was sorry for the way he treated me and has been really depressed and suicidal due to losing his job, i understand that he would be stressed but if he was that down why was he still talking to other girls. He said he wanted us to get back together. After a few drinks he began telling me that he has been talking to other girls since our break and added his ex girlfriend from 10 years ago on Facebook and casually told me that he's had a crush on her for years 😳 And that they had liked each others pics on Fb.. I didn't react because I thought he was trying to make me jealous (he mentions other girls liking him being obsessed with him a lot) Later that day he called to say he bought me a present and I felt happy because it felt like he still wanted me, however later that night I checked his fb and saw his ex and 100 other girls he'd added since we broke up which wasn't that long.. He's tried to contact me twice on whatsapp but I've just ignored him as I feel like there's no point explaining why I'm upset because he's blatantly admitted he still has a crush on his ex! He hasn't tried to contact me again and I know it's obviously because I'm ignoring him because I'm trying to move on but I can't help but feel like if he really cared why wouldn't he at least want to know why I'm not talking to him?


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  • if he truly cared for you he would. move on and dont look back


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  • Have you heard the term 'plate'? As in spinning plates?
    This what you are to him, just a plate.

    Time to move on.


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  • Im sorry to be the one to say it hun but he can't have cared that much...
    if he's holding a torch for his ex after all that time then you were a replacement and that after you split he's already onto the next on the dating sites he's doing the same again..

    • I know it's hard to accept because he really made out that he wanted to be with me, I'm just glad I ended it but I guess a part of me was hoping he cared enough to try and win me back.. Oh well you live and you learn. Thanks for your honesty x

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