If a woman won a case for alimony would the man be able to bankrupt himself just to get out of paying it?

So say there was a divorce and it went down bitterly. The woman won in court alimony from the husband. Could the husband hypothetically just to make sure she doesn't get money get a loan and then with all the money he has combined with the loan buy like the most expensive car he could get with that money combined and then destroy that car so that he was both bankrupt and in debt just so his ex wife would never get a dime from him? Or would the government freeze his account to keep him from giving his assets away?

Before you freak out no I'm not getting divorced this is just a hypothetical about if a man destroyed or gave all his assets away just so his ex wife couldn't get her hands on them.


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  • In the United States, Section 523 of the U. S. Bankruptcy Code states that alimony is almost always exempt from discharge in a bankruptcy filing. So no, you can't get rid of it unless it's under very specific and extremely limited situations. And bankruptcy laws are structured to prevent getting rid of assets to prevent falling under a filing. And that carries criminal penalties as well as the denial of your bankruptcy petition.

  • It's up to him. He'd be back facing a judge for it though. Alimony is ridiculous in this day and age. You should be able to cut all ties from an ex without the courts getting involved. She'll move onto some other mug anyway and he can support her

  • If a man can't pay, he goes to jail. When he comes out, he's expected to pay somehow.


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