Why do I feel like this?

I met him online on badoo, started dating like a month, and our first month we did so well. Until I saw on snapchat that he had a girl name "sam😘" and I got suspicious asked and he said he didn't know her that she wrote it herself. I believed him. Days passed and I've been having dreams of him cheating on me. I wanted to trust him but my dreams got to me. He assured me he wasn't but I was still not sure. He could be lying. He always work everyday and school in the morning. But then he started dragging to text me back and would go on snapchat or Facebook. 3 days before we broke up I asked him if I can see his recently contacted people. He didn't want to let me see it. After hours of him trying to comfort me and not let me see it, he eventually showed me his snapchat. I told him that's not what I was talking about, he showed me the recently contacted people. Then asked to see snapchat because he had sent a message to a girl name Jackie. He didn't let me at all see what they were talking about. Saying I should trust him how he trusts me. I came from a bad relationship with trust issues and I just needed to make sure he wasn't. I don't wanna get hurt again. The next day we were perfectly great, he invited me to his school this Saturday for a play, and then the 3rd day he broke up with me after I told him I had another dream of him cheating on me. dragged to text me, I called him he hanged up, saying he was busy. He dumped me saying he isn't happy, we argue too much and it's best for us not to be together. After he told me the other day how much he did like me and would always chase after me. It's just so confusing. I called him once to try and change his mind, he ignored it and just read my "okay then" text. Then he blocked me on Facebook and Instagram. My friend contacted him and he would reply and when she asked him if he's okay, he just read it. She did told him I missed him and he never bothered reading it.


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  • ... He isn't happy, we argue too much and it's best for us not to be together...
    It's a Full Circle Problem Pattern Problem here, dear, of these Incessant and Obsessive "Bad relationship and trust issues" that Will Forever be Your own Demise with any of These Guys.
    Unless he takes Everything Into Careful Consideration and Accepts You Unconditionally, Be willing to Stick by Your Side Unconditionally, I think for now Anyways.. He has Hit the Highway.
    online, Offline, Makes No difference. You Need to Work on your Own Issues Before you Can even 'Think' About Getting into Any relationship with Anyone Under the Sun.
    I am a member for 6 years on Badoo, I have an Outstanding Online Presence on there. I have Met all sorts of Nice guys, Non serious Ones and Have even Gotten into Real Relationships with Dates and Mates that I have Met. There are a Few cons on There, Far and Few between, and I also find, with many men having Told me, More Scammers with Women.
    Next time, for let this Little lesson be a 'Lesson' in Love and in your Life, Make sure You are Ready for Eddy because You will Still will Need to be on your Guard for Awhile... But Be more Trusting unless you see More Proof in your Honey's Jello Pudding Cup as To What's Up.
    Good luck. xx

  • everythung he said did not mean it. leave him he's addicted to talking to many girls.


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