I blocked her , no communication?

My kids mother and I broke up. We've been broken up for 2 months and she's already seeing someone else , actually they are together. I found out 6 weeks ago. I was trying to be the bigger person and deal with it. , but she was constantly throwing everything up from the past that I did wrong to justify her wrong doing. So I decided to cut all ties with her and I told her we can go through a third party when it comes to our kids , bc I need space. Am I wrong for cutting ties with her? Now, she's freaking out saying I'm a bad dad. And I won't see my kids if she can't pick them up from me? I'm confused, why is she so angry when I'm still doing everything I'm suppose to do for our kids. I just don't want anything to do with her for awhile.
Why is she so pissed, I don't want to speak to her? I would think she would happy... so , her and her new guy canamed live their fairy tale?


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  • You're not wrong in going completely no contact. Make sure to get custody, at least partial, of the kids though because you never know if and when she'll snap and take them away from you.


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  • Break ups get ugly. Go to court. Get everything in writing and legal.


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