How do I handle this break-up at work?

I started to work with a new guy at work and he started to flirt with me quite willfully but I never took him serious as he was 10yrs younger than me and I still hadn't got over my ex-husband. However, after a few months we eventually decided to meet up out of work back in December 2015 and we got drunk... and slept together. Classic f**k up! We continued to see each other until Feb 2016, but grew further apart as I felt rejected as he thinks the world of me but would never have an exclusive relationship because of age difference, he still had oats to sow, he was heartbroken from a prior r/ship and so I reluctantly accepted a friends/benefits situation as we were having such a good time. Our affair was secret as he was Muslim and I was older than him it would have been too controversial. But, it was becoming obvious as he was so focused on me, with a high sex drive! And, I had without mentioning any names, had a love life chit chat with a mature friend at work that I get jealous at times and asked for advice. However, a few weeks later my confidant jokes with a female colleague that she is making me jealous! This female colleague then walks up to my love interest and jokingly says am I taking you away from Julesz? My love interest calls me (I was off that day) telling me that it's over and took it all out on me. I feel really guilty, panic and insist he meet me after work which he initially rejects as he says he's made plans but agrees eventually. But when I came to meet him he stands me up and tells me that he is going out with the same female colleague for dinner as friends and so can't meet me! I was livid! It was so upsetting and we've exchanged a few strong words. Now I have to go work every day and see them both. I have to admit they do get along and it bugs me. I try my best not to speak to him. How do I get through seeing their relationship blossom while I lick the wounds to my heart, ego and pride? Julesz x
Looks like I need to figure this one out on my own!


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