Help!!! Why do guys take forever to reply to a text when you know there online anyways?

I went to my ex's place to hang out and we started off by cuddling and watching a show together then we spent alittle time together then he asked me to go see a movie with him.
Was it a date even though l paid for our drinks (I offered but). Then I told him we will have to go see the sequal when it comes out and he said yeah (I had to ask him two times but).

So was this a date even though I paid for half?


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  • Lol the question and description don't match.
    O_o as far as I know, only girls do that shit xD.

    • Oh sorry I meant to write a different title, damit. I meant for it to say was this a date lol

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  • I mean it depends on the relationship you two have. To me it still sounds like a mutual friend thing. But I'm sure especially being an ex he still has some feelings for you so it could turn into more

    • How do you think it's a mutual friend thing. We do things that aren't friend things such as cuddling and holding hands and this isn't the first time we went out.

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    • Me too I mean it's not the first time we went to the movie's or got dinner together

    • So why did you guys ever break up in the first place?

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