Ex boyfriend poetry. Is it towards me?

So I was on my ex's MySpace and came across some poetry he had written..now just as some background we dated for a pretty long time but I broke up with him because he wasn't really that good of a boyfriend and didn't really want to be committed at the time and now I'm in a relationship with this other guy and I still talk to my ex and I can tell he's not really that thrilled with my relationship-my boyfriend and I see him in town sometimes and he always looks kinda p*ssed off when he sees us- but anyways I found this poetry and wondered if it was about me maybe? Tell me what you guys think..The poem talks about a girl being lost in a stupid lie, now has a fake smile, and then it talks about how much he wishes he could just see her and make her what she used to be. Then there was another poem a girl who's heart was locked away, and that he still dreams of the girl, and that he let her slip through his fingers. Do you think maybe these poems could be about me? I know there's no way that I can know for sure, but I just want to know what you guys think?Thank you so much in advance for your answers!


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  • I think poems are personal ways of pouring your heart out and should not be taken so personally, especially if you aren't even together.

    If you really want to know what's on his mind, talk to him. Maybe even ask him about the poetry. Conversation is key!


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