Does dirt catch up with people?

Why do people get away with terrible actions? Do they really get away with them? I am hurt so deeply that sometimes I am not functional. I trusted someone for five years and gave him all that I had to give. I am so sorry that he had to be with me through the toughest years in my life, but I tried so hard to fight through all that I was dealing with. I loved him and trusted him more than I have ever loved and trusted another human being. I opened myself up completely, despite my personal struggles. He lied to me for so long, and I didn't even realize it. I was stupid enough to believe that he loved me back. He told me that he stayed with me because he wanted to help me. It hurt to know that I was his project or patient, when I thought I was his partner. He gave up on me because I wasn't progressing fast enough for him. He lied to me for so long and left me. Now all he does is brag about how amazing and better she is to everyone at any chance he gets. He is surrounded by flatterers, fans, and friends who thinks he is so wonderful, and they express that they're so glad that he finally got someone who makes him happy. Sometimes, I wish he had never asked me to be with him. He began to treat me really poorly, tell me how he isn't attracted to me, and expect me to go along with his program like everyone else. It hurts that everyone supports him and that no one seems to be looking out for me. Will regrets catch up to him? Do things really come back to bite people? Is his new relationship with the "perfect" girl really going to stand? Will he really get away with treating me like something less than human? Any experiences, thoughts? Thank you.


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  • It sounds like this guy really let you down. You didn't deserve to be lied to or made to feel unattractive by the one person to open your soul to. Not all guys can handle depression or hard times cause really they're just like girls, they just want to have fun. Plus they're motivated by what's between their legs not love only ego even on the best days. Although, if a girl is sexually attractive and makes him feel good about himself love will grow for him... I've noticed that's how guys behave. But I do believe that every wrong action results in a wrong outcome so your ex will get what's coming to him. But maybe not the way you expected as it will likely be his lesson to learn. However, the best payback is success so just be the best you you can be. Let him know you don't need him and get on with your life.

  • This gives me the shudders.


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