My friend turned me down for someone else and I'm not coping well. How do I move on?

I asked out my friend who I'd been out with before if she wanted to get back wih me and the answer was no. A week later she went out with some other guy. It hurts. How do I move on?


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  • You need to ask yourself if you are truly ready to move on. If the answer then

    Delete all pics/memories of that person you have. If you have any personal belongings of there's (clothes, dvds, etc). Throw them out and don't try to use it as an excuse to see them anymore.

    Tell yourself not to think about the person. Anytime she creeps into your head then think of something that puts you in a good mood (cooking, food, sports, etc) and sooner or later anytime that person is in your head you will stop thinking of her quickly.

    Most importantly delete any text or emails between y'all. Also if she reaches out to you don't answer the phone call or text or email. Delete it immediately (I would read it before you delete it because your mind will continously keep thinking of what the call or text was possibly about).

    Hope this helps.


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