How can I deal with living with my ex boyfriend as he carries on with his life?

Because of some circumstances, I'm living with my ex boyfriend in his hometown after a year spent abroad. He knows many people here, has his life... while I don't.

I'm starting from scratch, I don't have friends whom to talk about my situation to (nor here or anywhere), I'm still looking for a job and I'm not that economically indipendent.

While he tries really hard to make me feel comfortable, I can't help my feelings of frustration and rejection which I'm sure being completely normal after any regular break-up

Besides I know he's chatting with girls on dating apps, and despite I agreed to respect his freedom, I'm hurt. To be fair, he didn't make a fuss when a girl he met stated she didn't want to go further in the relationship because of me, nor did he blame it on me openly...

But still... !

I feel like he'd been using me in the last period of our relationship because he was only waiting the moment to come back home and start feeling alive again.

What a freaking mess...

Any advise?

Clearly living together everyday means that it's harder to detach both emotionally and phisically as I wish, and even he can't avoid asking me to stay in his bed to sleep or hugging me, although with no sexual desire (from his part, at least).
I can't move till I find a good job so I need to learn how to cohabitate in such a manner without losing my sanity.


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  • You are going to have to move out. That's the only solution.
    It is completely inappropriate and disastrous for you to be sharing the same living environment with your ex. What is it that you need to do to get out of that environment? Make a list and make it happen! Don't just sit around pitying yourself and feeling awkwardly miserable. Make a plan today so that you can move on and start fresh without being reminded of him.


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