Girlfriend dumped me should I ignore her?

We had real good chemistry. I found a mans watch one day and a pair of shorts another she said the watch is an ex she didn't know it was there and the shorts is a gay guy friend she has. Then after the ex got his watch back he is texting her what she is doing... All of this made me unsure and insecure so I started questioning her. She broke up with me for not trusting her and we only been together 3 months. And my argue is trust is earned not given. So she ended it saying she doesn't want to deal with the questions... I kissed her forehead said I wish you the best and walked away.

the next day she text me saying I left my shorts there and to give her her phone charger back and I never replied... Should I just ignore her from now on? We could of worked it out but she chose to end it


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  • You handled yourself extremely well! I have never heard of someone respond to a break-up with a kiss on the forehead. I bet that activated her guilt trip immediately! The truth seems like she got frustrated and broke up out of aggravation so she'll most likely regret it and come crawling back sooner or later especially after how well you handled yourself.

    Regardless, ignore her ass. She is shady as hell. If she really had nothing to hide, then there's no reason for her to get all pissy and defensive. You had every right to asks and she had no right to dump you and try and make herself out to be some poor victim who's not trusted after a dude's items are found in her home. -_- That honestly sounds like a poor, failed manipulation tactic where she was trying to turn the whole thing around on you to avoid blame. In any other situation if a woman found a girl's jewelry and clothing in her man's house, no one would scold her for questioning. This girl is shady, you can do better.

    • Yup I kissed her forehead we had a very good relationship going... I kissed her forehead said I wish you the best and she paused and said I wish you the best and as I got too the door and turned around with tears in my eyes and said I'm going to miss you and shut the door... Went home cried I deleted her off my Facebook as I'm a firm believer of cutting contact.. She was showing signs of distance before so I won't be surprised if she has a guy. When I was leaving she just had this stare... So the next day she text about her phone charger. Which is weird I wouldn't say anything regarding cheap items... I guess I stick to igorning.

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    • Another red flag is she was married twice and she is 46 now. I ask what happen and its abusive husband etc always accusing her of cheating following her to work etc to make sure she goes O. o. She said one of her ex said that fucked half of Texas... Ummm why would your loving husband the one closest to you make that statement?

    • Her reason for the break is bc me questioning her killed the spark for her she said its not the same and doesn't think it will come back...

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  • Um sure! Move on chill man! Take it easy. Give yourself a break.

  • What would make you feel happier? Working it out or just cutting her out clean? Because the best way to handle this situation will be the way that leaves you feeling the most at peace inside. If you feel guilty not giving her stuff back, then you can give it back and then cut her out. Or you can use that interaction to try to talk about things. Or you can say screw it, they're mine now and not respond. It's up to you.


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  • Ignore her and move one. Sorry about your situation.

  • I wouldn't trust her either

    • My point!! I told her if any guy were in my shoes and saw what I saw they would of been concerned!! I told her if she was at my place and found a bra or something of anther woman she would of been questioning pissed etc. and she told me if I said it was her lesbian friend she would of believed me bc she trust me. Umm yea right she was saying that bc she was under the spot light.

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