How do I deal with people asking about my ex?

We had a falling out so we don't talk anymore. He has a new girlfriend. But when people see me sometimes they ask where he is or how he's doing. I wish they could just see from his Facebook profile that he's in a relationship and not with me.

We didn't break up that long ago so it still hurts to be reminded that we're not in each others' lives...not even as friends.


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  • nth you can do but learn to ignore emotional stuff/his 'ghost'. ...i went thru this and learnt that "Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace". you could tell them straight that you prefer not talking about it, or just answer a direct/short answer... just be strong and give time a chance to heal u. here the tip, the more you EXPLAIN ur answers to them, the more you get INTO the thoughts that leads you to feel 'hurt'.. so yeah try to be tough. even when you know ur weak, try not showing it.


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