After my 21 day no contact married ex boyfriend calls me. Why?

I was doing the 21 day no contact and all of a sudden I get a phone call from my ex (married) boyfriend. I ended things between us because it was an unhealthy situation. I wanted a real relationship. I wrote him a letter stating that, and more. Then I defriended him and here it is (about four days away from hitting the 30 day no contact mark) and... He calls me. Why? He's still married. I am confused. Thanks in advance for the feed back guys.


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  • he misses you yeah.
    by the way what if 21 went by and he did not contact you what do you do?

    • You take it for what it means " he's not that into you"... and you reevaluate your life YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU KNOW, love👌🏾

    • you're so right ! I get too emotional sometimes haha

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  • He still loves u.

    • Thank you. As much as my heart wants to believe he loves me, I won't fall for him this time. Love is an action.. and we'll, he's still married. I waited two years for him. You really believe a man who is married can love his girlfriend?

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    • That's what I did for 21 days he just called me last night and I can tell that he's just wanting sex (he's still married) so I don't think contact with him or sex with him is appropriate... Thanks love

    • Yeah he want sex nothing else. That the true

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  • Does he still contact you?


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