Shall I block her in facebook and delete her number after breakup?

Hi guys, recently my girlfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago, and I'm thinking every single day, I should block her facebook in order to stop think about her and also change my number if in future she decides to call me, she was ignoring me the last two months and I feel really bad about it... I want to stop loving her, but I can't ffs... I'm thinking every day and night for her and I can, t stop... I really want to be with her and she to come back to me, but perhaps she doesn't or I don't know...

Our relationship was for more than 4 years, and it's really hardful for me.
Is it good idea to block her fb account, and throw away everything I've from her or just wait her till she regret that she leave me like that.


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  • No, Don't Push any Buttons on Your own Part... Two heart Still Beat as One.
    Hold off for Now, No one has Really Moved on from Where I sit, and May not Be.. It.
    You Both share some His and Her History of the Past and although Some of it was Not a Blast, Don't jump the Gun right at the Moment until You know for Sure... It's over with Her.
    Good luck, @DarkmanX xx

    • Will wait till the right time comes and reveal the truth.

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    • So many guys standing in your shoes and wondering probably the same thing..
      Life IS a gamble, @DarkmanX so Let the chips fall where they Might Or.. Might Not. xx

    • Thank you so much for the Vote of Confidence, happy that two ol wise owls here, dear, can be of some help with a small yelp. xx

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  • You can wait it out and see if she comes back. It's possible she may try to contact you in the future. It can happen anytime.

    If you really want to get over her and date other girls then I suggest deleting her off your friend's list on facebook and deleting her number from your phone.

    • honestly I also don't know, but their friends and her sister is telling her to forgot me, she said that she already overcome the pain from our breakup and that she doesn't missing me, but I think she is unsure in her decision... I just want to stop feel bad it's really frustrating to think about the same every single day..
      I have greater feelings for her and I can't just remove them... it burns me inside

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    • Yes true it is very hard. Break ups are the worst because it cam take a long time to fully heal. I hope the best for you and her. Forgetting about her will be so hard and tough and not easy. It sucks she wanted to end things how she did.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • sure! I mean why not?


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