Why won't he acknowledge me?

So my ex, whom I work with, recently broke up with me. While breaking up he said things like we had nothing in common, he didn't just love me anymore, etc. He also told me that he didn't want to be friends. Turns out he started dating his ex before me the next day (and I know she would never allow him to be friends with me. She hates me.) He said he would act normal at work, but whenever I see him he either runs away, or refuses to make even the slightest of eye contact with me. He'll pretend to be really engrossed in something. Even when he has to directly contact me he shies away from it. I'm not the type to be rude or say anything, so he shouldn't be afraid. Why won't he acknowledge my presence? He's not the one who got hurt, so I don't think this is fair behavior from him.


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  • I think that he's been warned to stay away from you by his ex. What you need to do is make yourself happy without him. Let him see how happy you are. People who are happy are instantly more attractive. Flirt with other guys, give him little attention. Be civil but make it clear how happy you are. And actually do the things to make yourself happy, don't bother trying to fake it.

  • She's got him afraid to even talk to you or he just can't deal with the feelings right now.

  • he feels bad he hurt you... :(


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