How to let go?

so my guy friend who I use to like, likes this other girl. HE walks her home and she treats him like sh*t. He doesn't see that she's using him. He's trying to make her like him and she doesn't. He's obsessed with her. WHAT kind of love is that? AND how can I get him to move on. AND why do guys want their ice cream and cake too, like if there's a good person they can date why do they go to the wrong person? GUYS I need answers please help me


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  • What kind of love is that? Hey, love can make smart people do stupid things, or make the perceptive blind to the truth.

    The best way to let go (if that is indeed what you want to do) is to realize that it's him. It's his life, his lessons, his happiness, his sadness, pain, sorrow, but above all, it's his Choice. While you might want to help him, if he doesn't want that help you can't do anything. He gets to make his own choices, even they're not the one's you would've made. You need to set him free to make his own choices. While it's good that you want to help, and if you want to, you could say something to him, to try and open his eyes, you need to let him make that realization on his own.

    I know it's hard, when you can see something someone else is doing, and you know it's not the best, and you want to scream into their face what you think they should be doing. But you can't; you're not supposed to; it's not your choice, you can only help if they accept the help. You can talk to him, to try and explain to him what you see, but you can't force him to anything. You need to let him go and let him choose on his own.

    I feel for you, I'm in a similar position.

    • Um yeah I agree thank so much. Your right starting now I'll let him make his own choices and I'll always be there to help him and have a listening ear. Because that's all I can do.

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  • You're friendzoned where there is no attraction for him to date you, unfortunately.

    - As a "friend", I would recommend that you don't intervene with who he dates. Afterall, it's his choice. If you try to intervene, you may push the friendship into a disagreement that could push both of you in seperate directions.

    I can openly admit that I have fallen for some of those "friendzoned" girls that I didn't like in highschool. And now the majority of them are happily married. It's kinda funny that the shoes swapped. But regardless, life does go on.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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