Why won't she let him talk to me?

I dated this guy for six years. Well it's been two years after the break up and we are best friends. We didn't talk to each other for a year and now we've been best friends for a year, equals two years. Well he has been dating this girl for about 6 months but me and him talk everyday, and hangout. Eat lunch together, go places together. I tell him EVERYTHING. And he does the same with me. But his girlfriend does not like him talking to me. He goes through a tough time at home and I'm the only one he talks to about situations like that. He is the only person that I'm completely comfortable around. I do NOT like him. Neither does he like me. Him and his girlfriend don't argue much and if they do, it's because she found out he was talking to me, once again. I'm thinking about ending our friendship, for the best. I really don't to. I don't think I can. But idk, What do I do?


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  • i think she does not want him talking to you due to the fear of him liking you again but I do not recommend not being freinds with him because you think its the best it will crush him if he looses his best friend also if you do and try to stop being freinds with you he will mostly like blame his girlfriend for it due to her yelling and fights and mayb break up with her also have you tried talking to her or becoming freinds if you show there is no romantic connection between you and your ex she may accept you more or one of those days that you and him hang out if you invite her also she may feel less secluded and accept you more.


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  • this is an obvious question,

    his girlfriend will definately not agree with you guys chating all the time.she is a bit insecure, and thinks you might steal him away from her.

    maybe, if he introduce you to her and you hang out with her and him at the same time,

    maybe she might think a little bit different about the whole situation. in other words, try to make friends with his girlfriend. that can help. antoher way you can handle this situation is, both of you should confront her, and let her know that you guys are best friends and nothing more.


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