Let her be?

I used to hang out with this girl. I only knew her for a few months from college classes, but we hung out some one-on-one and I had a lot of fun. But when the semester was over, I'd call her to see if she wanted to hang out, but she never made the time to, so I just left it and continued on with my life. I told her if she wanted to hang out, to call me so we can make plans so I assumed that if she ever wanted to, she'd call me. She didn't, though.

It's been a couple months and my mind started to wander to her again. It's weird--I knew her for a few months and yet when I think about it, we got along so well and had a lot of fun, it just seems like a shame it just had to end abruptly and that's it, nothing more. She probably doesn't feel the same way (or she would've called), but to me, I'd like to give it another go.

At the same time, I'm aware that she probably isn't that interested in meeting me anymore.

Should I just drop this? I've moved on with my life, but my mind started wandering to her again, so I'm wondering.


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  • If this is the same person that keeps posting, here's my advice based on your actions.

    Call her already. You never know what she is going to say or do. Call her just so you can find out if she hates you. The truth of the matter is that she probably doesn't hate you but is really busy with other things that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

    This is starting to become a problem not with this girl but with you. You need to take actions now based on how you can make yourself feel better. If this is bothering you so much, you need to take care of yourself first. Who cares what she will think of you really? You're making yourself crazy over this. It's not worth it. You will hopefully see this once you get the closure you so desperately are asking for/need. What's stopping you to call her anyways? Did she ever say anything along the lines of, never contact me again?

    • If this isn't the same person that keeps posting, nvm

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  • Call her! People are people; they want to be loved. They crave attention. Call her; she will be happy you did.

  • I would try to move on. People come and go and you should just learn and grow from the experience instead of trying to bring it up again.


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  • if you've made it clear that you are interested (sounds like you have) then you have done all you should. anything more is really only going to lower your image in her eyes. chances are she is interested in someone else, don't play the second choice. find someone who wants you as much as you want them, even if that means being alone for a while. it's worth the wait.


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