Has anyone literally never seen or spoken to an ex ever again?

Its been 6 months of no contact for me & it still feels weird, like I dont get upset like I used to but I still think of her even if I keep myself busy etc. I know I shouldn't but well it is what it is I suppose?

I know most people say delete everything about an ex & cut contact, but those that did do this did you ever see em or have some form of conact ever again? I guess im talking to the older people on here & those without kids.

Thanks in advance.


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  • I think in most cases people don't have contact with an ex, or even see them again. Usually after a break-up people go their separate ways and pursue a life with someone else. Even if their paths did cross, i imagine it being awkward for the both of them, because i guess it would be very superficial between them

    It's natural to think about someone from your past. You can't just erase memories of someone you shared happy times with. They're bound to cross you mind at times when you least expect them to.

    • Even years later? I've heard some people say they still thought about them years later?

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    • Oh, yes i know who you are. How are you? I hope everything is going well for you? I hope you are coping much better now?

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I've never spoken to any of mine again, save for the times they attempted to get back with me and I told them no.

  • I'd say out of sight, out of mind :(
    easier said then done.
    But it's all you can do unfortunately


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