What are some subtle hints so he knows I like him back?

I was at a party on Friday where the guy I like was clearly hitting on me. Normally I'm oblivious to that sort of thing, but he kept putting his arm around me, holding my hand, lying on me, and just saying stuff that made it obvious. I was happy to see that a guy I like is finally taking notice of me, but the problem is, PDA makes me uncomfortable. Our mutual friends were all at this party, and I just feel awkward throwing myself on him when they're all watching.

So I'm just wondering, when I'm at a party like that with him, what are some subtle hints that I can give him to let him know I like him back without making things awkward for everyone in the room? I'm pretty shy and I just don't want him to think that I'm not interested and then move on.


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  • aight, tell em lets walk and talk, give em some pretty eyes, and after that, a man should kno what 2 do, you don't wanna thro yourself onto him, ( that's what sluts do lol) and you seem like you don't wanna be like that, if he doesn't get the walk and talk thing I mean he's gotta be pretty dumb and you might wanna tell em, sounds like he's young when you said he's lyin on you and sh*t lol

    but hey everybody gots their own huh


What Girls Said 1

  • You can just smile at him when no one's looking. not being creepy or anything lol just a smile that says, "i notice and I like you" :) That could work


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