My ex broke up with me recently he still want me in his life? Also we were LDR. I'm conflicted with my feelings & don't understand his feelings?

My ex and I been in a LDR for 6 months anyway we broke up he ened it due to a lot of reasons. The 6 hour time difference, trying to get a good job in order, we failed with communication, and he said his feelings changed and he saw me as a friend. It broke my heart cause I loved him and cared so much. He said he been trying to tell me for the last month but didn't want to hurt me. He said he still wants to be friends and talk to me.

So I ignored him since we broke up and 5 days after the break up he textes me I ignored it. Then he reached out to our Matual friends and told them to tell me that he wants to talk to me. He even opened up to them about how miserable he is, how he can't sleep, how I'm always on his mind. checks his phone to see if I will reply. And how he doesn't want to lose me forever. Odd right since he ended it with me. So I contact him we talked about the relationship how we both had issues and stuff and failed to communicate correctly. He wants me to give him an answer on if I want to be his friend or not. He said he still loves me and I said just as a friend. And he said no what was I telling you the past few days.

So he said he was going to give me my space and he was going to reflect on the convo we had, how he been feeling and the past relationship. He said he will wait until I reach out to him and give him an answer. I don't know why he's feeling like this since we broke up. He broke up with me. When he told me how he felt and opened up I was cold cause I was hurt. Still am hurt. But I still loved him and care but wanted to have an romantic relationship. I'm ok with friends I think but sooner or later there might be a time that I might for for him again or something.!

What at do you think about this situation? Clearly I cared and loved him a lot but I'm hurt by what happened and I don't want to be a fool. Ever since the last time we talked which was 6 days ago. I know he's been checking my social media. And I'm


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  • You're right, don't be a fool. My ex did the exact same thing (ldr as well) and boy he had charming words to manipulate me to staying friends with him. You see, he did what HE felt like doing and what HE thought was right, he didn't really care about my feelings or what mess it could make to me staying friends with him. Can't blame him though, every man for himself, right. It's was 100% my fault, I caused myself misery. We stayed friends and things were pretty much like we never broke up and I was "blindly" okay with it all. Was nice still being high on his priority list. But I was just fooling myself, I still loved him! And it was wrong from me to act like I'm a friend when instead I had secret hopes of getting back together. I will never forget one day, like 4 months after he dumped me, I saw some stuff on his facebook with some girl and I asked him if that's his new girlfriend. He just said "Nah she's not. But I had sex with her! And damn she's good, it was awesome! She is really cool, I like her." It broke my heart into pieces. Even though he told me as he would tell it to any other friend. You see, that's the tricky part - you gotta suck it up because you signed the friend card and you have no right to be upset at it. You are his friend, you should be happy for him and you should laugh together. This horrible friendship lasted for like 8 months, there were still drunk booty calls from him though, and I would always a stupid hope. Then he would disappear again, and again come back as a friend, and circle went on. I had such a battle with my emotions, I was trying so hard to be just friends, but it was impossible. Eventually, when he completely got over me, I wasn't even a friend anymore, I was the lowest on his priority list. He wouldn't contact me for months. The last time we spoke (me initiating) he was like nothing ever happened, told me he is doing great and how happy he is just enjoying his life, and there I was wondering why the hell haven't I got over him yet? It wasn't fair that he got the best of it, when I'm the one who should've had much better life (if there's a karma). I finally decided to cut him off and never look back again. I should've done that loooong ago! Not to get back at him or make him miss me, but for me. I didn't feel any connection to him anymore and I just felt the strong need to delete him out of my life. He didn't even cared. He contacted me once, saw that I'm ignoring him, and stopped. He was fine with it.

    • It all ended so stupidly. He's telling people that we just lost touch and that I'm probably just busy enjoying my life, when in fact I just cut his pathetic ass. He didn't even wonder why I'm ignoring, didn't feel a thing about it. Well fuck him.

  • No! He should have thought about all of this before breaking up. He wants you as an option until finds a new girlfriend. Don't be friends with him because as soon as he finds someone or you the friendship will not work. Him not wanting to lose you is because if he doesn't find someone new he can be able to contact or drive six hours to hang with you. It's his lost don't respond to him period

    • He can't drive 6 hours to me. I'm I America and he's in Europe. Another reason why I'm like why does he want to be friends so badly or doesn't want to lose me forever?

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    • If you feel you should give friends a try I would. Don't expect him to be single long always available cause his words sound heart warming right now. He just needs someone to comfort him.

    • I know and I need comfort too it sucks that we are too far away.

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