Guys, do you have any ex gf's you'd truly say were ignorant to you or treated you worse than necessary?

a lot of the times things ended fairly peacefully or we just didn't see each other again , there was this one girl i had tried to date years ago , we meet at a bar we both went to but she also worked at this restaurant i went to. it was a popular place at the time and she was a popular girl back then.

but she didn't treat me very well , very rude to me , showed a complete lack of respect. made up all sorts of half crazy accusations , everything from i was stalking her to i wanted oral sex from her and on etc. it was just rediclous. then she got all upset cause of all things i dared to "message " her on facebook , which didn't seem like a big deal at the time.

i look back on the whole thing now and just can't get over the way she acted towards me , it was outragous , all i wanted to do was date her and spend time with her , and we were both young and single living in the same town , it would of made sense to date at the time. the funny thing is after she rejected me the restaurant she worked at closed down like the next year and she got pregnant with this guy she was seeing soon after and now they have a kid and she doesn't even go out anymore , i haven't even seen her in a couple years. i don't know if she found happiness or not , she found someone else i guess


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