The character of someone who has an affair?

They say someone who has cheated more than once gets better at hiding it. Just curious really how they get away with it for so long? I mean they have to lie to their friends, or get their friends to lie for them I presume to say they were somewhere they werent, lie to their partner (obviously) there's always a chance someone will see them either a colleague, friend, family member, delete emails & texts, yet they do get away with it... somehow. Makes me wonder how long they can keep the secret up before something comes to light one way or the other if at all? If a relationship did start from an affair or cheating is that a good base for a relationship based on lies when the partner knows they are capable of cheating?


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  • No, that is not a good foundation for a relationship. Building something on top of lies is just going to create more lies. And lies are not real, so the relationship isn't real and it is of no substance, what a waste of time.


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  • Some people are just good at hiding things and yes there's always that chance of someone seeing them however most of the time I assume they go to places that aren't that common, and if they do run into someone there's always an excuse. My ex changed the girls name to a guys name and thats how i rarely noticed until I opened the text (infront of him). Eventually it either ends or continues but their home relationship will never be the same. Some people are so wrapped up in themselves that they forget who their partner is and don't suspect anything because they don't pay attention to them anymore. Or the cheater is just really good.

    • Makes me sick how some people can live like that

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