His ex-wife knows about me and is intentionally making things difficult for him?

OK I think I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. My boyfriend and I have been very discreet about our relationship around our children. However...I believe that his ex-wife (been divorced 9 years), whom he has two teenage children with, is learning that I am a part of his life. I believe she is intentionally trying to make things difficult for my boyfriend, and his children in attempt to either get him back to her or to screw things up between us. What do I do, as he likes to use me as someone to vent to when he has problems with her.


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  • take the higher ground and stay out of it. act like you don't notice, as much as humanly possible. I would not say a word unless she does something completely unbearable.

    if you let her find out that whatever she is doing is working, it will probably only get worse. try not to put your Boyfriend in a position where he has to chose between the mother of his kids and you (thats exactly what she wants, most likely).

  • first thing,he's divorced from her and she has no right disrupting your relationship with him.2nd thing if there is a court order in place,where she has custody of the children,i'm pretty sure on it somewhere it stipulates that no minipulation between parents or talking down one another with the children involved. if this is the case he can take her back to court and discuss this or better yet maybe he should contact his case worker. I know on my order it states just this.now if she is coming around and starting problems then maybe a restraing order might be the thing he needs.hope this helps.


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