My girl got pissed at me for saying yes to go see a movie with my brother?

Ok well my girl and I have been trying to see deadpool. Her dog passed away last week though. We tried to see it a week before that. Last week she said she didnot want to watch a movie now because she starts to think too much about her dog. Yesterday my bro invited me to see it. I said ok because we really hang out as much. She calls me today and is upset. I say we didn't have plans to see it. She is saying I'm blaming her dogs passing for not seeing the movie. So she is so upset and doesn't want to see or hear me. I told her no that I felt guilty if I said no to my brother. I feel she is putting words in my mouth.

I even took her dog to the vet on the morning when she passed. I drove her and her dog to the vet. I took her out the eat that day. I came over the next two days. I have been trying to talk to her and do things with and for her so she isn't alone and does not have to think about it too much. I have also been a shoulder to cry on. Am in in the wrong or is she?


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  • I don't know the entire situation but based on what you've said she's being irrational. It sounds like there's something else bothering her and you seeing the movie with someone else is just an excuse to vent. On a much darker note she could be manipulating you. You went out and did something enjoyable with someone who's not her, and she doesn't like it.


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  • She's a bitch, dump her ass.


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