Why did she contact me after all this time? All she did was hurt me again?

My ex and I finally met after a 1.4 years of no contact. She called me out of nowhere one day and wanted to just catch up and talk. She was the one who broke up with me so naturally i declined and explained to her that even though she was moving on, meeting up wouldn't be good for me. The next day at school later i messaged her telling her i still loved her and that I wasn't over the relationship so we should avoid any contact. She messaged me back telling me she loves me too and isn't over it either so we met up right there.
The interaction was confusing. We were both happy to see each other and it was good overall. We hugged and sat close. We talked about many things but then we started talking about our relationship and it went south from there.
She talked about what she did wrong in the relationship but didn't apoligize for it. It was more like she broke it down how one problem lead to another. It got me upset because she recognized she didn't know how to communicate with me but recognizing it this late does nothing.
She also told me she dated a guy she knew I had a problem with. I always suspected she cheated on me with him but never confirmed.
She told me she misses me but hasn't been happy since we broke up. she's tried dating but it hasn't worked out because she's not over us.
What bothered me the most is that even though after everything that was said she still didn't want to get back together. It was a nice talk over all but why would she do all this if she didn't want to get back together. Why would she bring up our relationship and tell me she now knows why it didn't work if she's not willing to try again? Why tell me she misses me and LOVES me if she doesn't want to get back together? She said she doesn't think she'll ever love anyone as much as she loves me and that she's not happy without me so why go through all that trouble?
Needles too say i cut off all contact with her and told her to never look for me again.


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  • What it seems to be is that she wants your attention. She wanted to catch up because not only is she not over you, but wants to see if ur not over her also. I think that she really does want to get back together but wants you to beg her. From my experience people that are like that just want attention, they aren't worth it they tell you something you want to hear like, "I love you" but then never show it.

  • because after mentioning the fight she probably didn't think it was right to get back together again you both should just forget about the fight and start a new relashionship forgive and forget


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