I can't seem to trust my Girlfriend when she's friends with her EX - ADVICE?

My Girlfriend and I have been going out 3 months... It's going pretty good anyways she knows it annoys me as when she talks to her EX (She still has feelings for him, but NOT in love with him) They've been going out 7 years and they broke up 6 months ago...

I seen a message on her phone from him (it was harmless) it popped up but she didn't know i seen it, But then i found out later she deleted that "harmless" message off her phone. I said to her Why did she delete her ex's messages and she said she didn't want to hurt me as she knows when she mentions his name anytime it's a senstive subject. (Wrongfully... I did look at her phone before she deleted the messages and won't do it again, She was joking with him and stuff but no flirting)

I was never in a relationship before where the girl had an ex as a friend, and where she had feelings for him, I know she won't ever get back with him well i'm pretty sure unless she wants that back - (He's a druggy and drugs will always be number 1) But it annoys me when she's talking to him while talking to me... I don't know... Advice would be nice.


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  • I was married 25 years, so of course, you build a certain companionship and the friendship does not always go away, esp. if you have kids together, but I do not feel any passion for him. I am in love with a guy I've been seeing for a year, and he has a girlfriend, so I would not worry about it so much unless she is still in love with him and it gets to a point where you are suspicious and you do not feel like she really likes you. I will always be there for him when things are not going well and vice versa, but that does not mean that I am in love with him or that I want to get back with him.

    • Based on her putting up this on Facebook to show everyone do you think she likes me or is doing it to be nice?
      Facebook Picture: https://i.imgur.com/g6maN2p.png

      Thanks for your time.

    • Having been on this site for a while, sorry. It looks like she is in love with you, so you should not worry. Be more confident, no need to suspect anything in this case.

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  • It might be a problem, depends how much you trust her

  • Its a problem. You're 23 I'm 41 the reason I bring up our ages is because at your age its a problem. Women my age wouldn't do this they would be minimizing contact with a a so recent ex if they started seeing someone new. You haven't been dating her long though and they broke up 6 months ago so she hasn't earned your trust yet. Your relationship shouldn't be that serious at 3 months so don't get carried away with it yet. She still has feelings for him. Does she still see him face to face? alone with him? those innocents texts can turn into i miss you texts. take me back texts. women tend to have a hard time letting go of things. She's already hiding texts from you it may to spare your feelings now but it can change. Its disrespectful to you. But its what girls your age do and don't see it that way. If this contact doesn't diminish over time look out.


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