My boyfriend and I of 6 years broke up yesterday?

He said he needed a break then he said it was a break up I don't know what to think we were pretty Rocky but how can someone let go of 7 years just like that it's killing me to call him but I'm not will he come back to me I don't know how to cope with this he's all I've known since I was 16 and I haven't been alone since then I'm 22 now


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  • Unfortunately, this was probably a long time in the making if things were rocky. I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time, but this goes to show that time doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is solid. Rather, time alone isn't a good reason to stay together in a relationship.

    If you look at it from the more positive side, he could've spent a longer time with you and broken up, making the situation worse. Then more of life would be waisted by a relationship that was satisfying both parties.
    By breaking up now, you can find someone else (once you get over him... you don't want a rebound relationship).

    I would...
    1.) Take some time to yourself for a bit. I'm sure you are feeling lonely, but it will probably only make you feel more lonely if you jump into another relationship right away as a rebound. Sure, they may work, but everything I've seen points to them failing often.

    2.) Distance yourself from him. To get over him, you are not going to want to keep contacting him for a bit... until you are mentally over him. As of writing this, it sounds like you are a bit devastated, so once you gather your thoughts / cry it out / talk to friends and vent, I would start to distance from him.

    3.) Rely on friends for a bit and realize that you are not alone. You are not alone! I bet you have a support network via friends and such that would be willing to help you out. This feeling of loneliness will subside, and once you are actually ready to go back to dating world again, you can.

    For now though, have your period of grieving. I'm sure it was pretty hard.

  • It wasn't meant to be. He wasn't happy


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  • I'm in same situation except it was three years. What's tragic is we broke up 3days ago. Have spoken. He came to my house today we had what we named, 'meaningless sex.' I still love him and I'm crying every second of the day it's terrible.

    • I feel you I hate him but I love him he wasn't the greatest to me and he doesn't understand why. I just want him to realize his mistakes and change them then maybe we'll be better

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    • You probably don't care. But I need to say thank you. Me and him sorted it out and are together now.

    • Aww I'm glad ! 🙂

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