Girlfriend dumped me will she come back?

I'm wondering how I handled this.
We dated for 3 months but spent a lot of time with each other. She broke it off with me saying because I don't trust her. I saw many red flags that lead me to be concerned. Here are the red flags these are the facts I'm not going to write down what her excuse is for what I saw...

She found a mans watch in her room and gave it to me thinking it was mine. Awkward moment it ended up belonging to a guy she was screwing before me...

After she notified the owner of the watch he started texting her like at midnight wanting to see her.

she only wanted to see me on weekends. During the week day if I wanted to come over she would usually say no but if I did she seemed annoyed that I was there.

she always clears her phone log. I have never seen her call history. She also keeps her app history clear.

during the week we only talk at night before bed. During the day I barely hear from her and if I do message her she replies like I'm a friend or doesn't reply for hours. She doesn't even reply on her lunch or answer my calls.

She did my laundry and gave me this warning saying if I find some men shorts or underwear they are her gay guy friends bc he came by to swim during the summer.

the owner of the watch was on her Facebook... she was liking his stuff within the time frame we were together...

That said she lost interest said the spark is gone bc of me questioning her like I don't trust her and broke up with me. My eyes teared up we didn't fight I tried to say again if any guy were in my shoes they would of been concerned but she stood her ground. So I just gave her one last hug and I kissed her forehead and said I wish you the best and I'm going to miss you and walked out of her apt went home deleted her number and Facebook. The next day she text me saying I left some shorts there and I have her phone charger. I never replied bc I was broken. It's been 5 days now and she hasn't said anything else.


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  • well for me, she doesn't love you anymore and she just made those excuses for her to take her freedom from you. she loves someone else and obviously it wasn't you.


    • She swears there is no other man. We became really close and I would like to know. I'm so tempted to call her or try to find out.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Good, keep it that way. Those are a lot of red flags, a few are even out right flares. She was untrustworthy your better off without her. Seriously from the sound of it her breaking up with you is the best thing to happen to you now you have a chance to find some one who is trust worthy and loyal. Sounds like she was cheating or using you to begin with.

    • We communicated that we were official her kid knew about me. At the same time her excuses for the red flags were weird, I didn't fight with her but I would like to know if there was another guy. I'm so tempted to call or text or go to her place but I know it won't end well.

    • From your experience do you think she is going to contact me with the way the break up went?

    • Honestly I don't know, I would say maybe. It depends on her situation and from the sound of it if she is with some one else then no, if she feels a need for attention then yes. Either way I think you dodged a bullet and if she attempts contact I would ignore her. You deserve better then that, she obviously had issues and was not trust worthy I think you should move on.

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  • You'll find someone better.

    • Well I fell in love with this one. Does my situation sounds workable? My friends are telling me she will be back.

    • maybe. but one thing is for sure, ull always ended up hurting.


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  • You're lucky she dumped you and there's no contact anymore!!

    Women are always playing some SICK mind games, beware

    • U don't think she will think about what happens and come back? It wasn't a big fight break up

    • Why I'm I lucky?

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