What's more unforgivable?

Hello, reader! I ask you, what do you deem more unforgivable.
1. A guy who revealed a secret
2. A guy who verbally and physically assaults his girlfriend?

both can cause trust issues, and hurt the person the action has been done to. No denying that. But which is just the terrible and needs to broken up with forever? There is a circumstance for why guy 1 did, but we won't get into that unless need be.

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  • There is no reason for a guy to do either of these betrayals to his girlfriend.

    • You're right! You're right!
      And thanks for responding.
      But which is more unforgivable?

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    • I totally agree! And thank you so much for your responses.

      Honestly, i have so much Regret for ever revealing her secret. An I'm not that kind of person to begin with. It truly was the circumstances. I wish she was more forgiving, but I can't blame her I guess.

    • You can hopefully learn the importance of a secret next time you are in the situation.
      Hopefully it wasn't just for gossip sake to give you something to talk about.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think it should be blatantly obvious that actual physical assault is far worse than some unrevealed secret.

    • I agree, it's should be "blatantly obvious". Assaulting is just never necessary or warranted... but you'd be surprised what one girl mate of mine believes.

      thanks for responding.

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  • Miss read the question. I accidently voted for A instead of B

    • Lol it's cool!! Guessing u read what's more "forgivable" haha?

    • Exactly what happened

  • Physically assaulting someone is much, much, worse than reveling a secret. Secrets are revealed all the time but nobody deserves to be assaulted.

    • Hey thanks for responding, and I totally agree. Assault is always worst but girl logic mate.